Are you ready to walk into a new season?

Unlock the Power of Change: Discovering Dysfunctional Patterns and Breaking Free from Trauma – I Help You and Your Audience Find Freedom and Fulfillment, Start a New Season and Reclaim Your Life!


What is your audience Struggling With?

Having a therapist speak at your event can provide invaluable insight to attendees on how to make lasting behavioral changes. A therapist can offer guidance on understanding why certain behavior patterns are difficult to break, as well as providing advice and strategies on how to go about achieving their goals. Additionally, speaking with a therapist in a safe environment can help open up an avenue for attendees to explore more meaningful and sustainable lifestyle choices.
Exploring Root Causes of Mental Health Difficulties

Uncovering the underlying causes of mental health difficulties is essential for building self-awareness and effective coping skills, and requires commitment, communication with a therapist, and support.

Navigating the Therapeutic Process

Navigating the therapeutic process is an important journey to uncover underlying causes of mental health difficulties and build self-awareness.

Identifying Unhelpful Thought Patterns and Interrupting Them

Identifying and interrupting unhelpful thought patterns is essential for developing healthier, more empowering ways of thinking.

Reaching Goals of Behavioral Change

The key to successful behavioral change is to set obtainable goals and create a plan to work towards them.

why you should have Ashlea In Favor, The Relationship Restorer speak at your next event!



If you’re looking for an expert in the field of mental health and therapy, Ashlea In Favor, The Relationship Restorer is your perfect choice. With her unique insight into the psychology of healing and growth, she has been able to make a lasting impact on her audiences. Not only is she knowledgeable about the therapeutic process, but she has also experienced it first-hand. This makes her talks all the more powerful, as she shares with empathy and understanding from her own life lessons.

Hiring Ashlea In Favor, The Relationship Restorer to speak at your event will allow those who are suffering to find strength and hope in her inspiring story.

Witness the Power of Ashlea In Favor, The Relationship Restorer – From Breaking Barriers to Making an Impact


Watch how Ashlea In Favor, The Relationship Restorer tackles and explains what is behind the behavior and how to overcome it.


Coping with fear

Mass shootings cause more than just fear in those who are direct victims. Watch Ashlea In Favor, The Relationship Restorer explain how to overcome these fears in this talk.


To be the best caregiver you can be, it starts with yourself. Listen as Ashlea In Favor, The Relationship Restorer walks you though this powerful session.


About Ashlea In Favor, The Relationship Restorer

Ashlea In Favor, The Relationship Restorer is a licensed clinical mental health therapist and certified trauma specialist in Phoenix, Arizona. She has worked with clients of all ages, stages, and walks of life who are seeking healing and transformation in their personal and professional lives. 

With a passion for uncovering the truth behind the stories we tell ourselves and others, she offers a unique perspective on finding freedom from longstanding patterns that have kept people stuck in unhealthy cycles of behavior. Her expertise extends to areas such as anxiety, depression, domestic violence/abuse, grief/loss, relationships, parenting challenges/special needs parenting, stress management/self-care, suicide prevention & intervention. Ashlea is an inspiring speaker who can captivate any audience with her presence and wealth of knowledge about how to break free from traumatic environments and unlock the power of change!

“Trauma can be a powerful force that affects all aspects of our lives, from our relationships to our career. But with the right guidance, it doesn't have to define us. I help people uncover the dysfunctional patterns in their lives, so they can begin to make changes and leave trauma behind. It all comes down to asking yourself: are you ready to walk into a new season?"
Ashlea In Favor, The Relationship Restorer

What Others are Saying

Ashlea Taylor-Barber (MAS-LMFT) of Favor and Grace Under Fire LLC has been a clear and present help to my clients and I on a number of occasions. As a licensed Life Coach, I recognize that there are skill sets and levels of expertise needed to help clients reach their optimal potential. Ashlea is that expert. Her concern for client care rises above my expectations each time I have had the opportunity to work with her. When speaking, her creativity, professionalism, and courage to help people navigate through life with promise and purpose exudes with each word. Ashlea Taylor-Barber is exactly the voice needed to help anyone journey through life with Favor and Grace Under Fire!
Denise TrimbleSmith
Owner & CEO Courageous Conversations LLC
Ashlea is a phenomenal therapist and speaker. During our unpredictable times of COVID she spoke with my lupus support group to provide us some beneficial and much needed self care tips. This was definitely needed as we sheltered in place because of our compromised immune systems. She has an uncanny way of getting everyone improved and making them feel comfortable. Her career is unquestionably her passion, you can see it in her eyes and in her spirit.
Toni Grimes
Central/South Valley Support Group Facilitator
Ashlea presented to our group during COVID on the importance of mental health and managing stress and trauma. Even through Zoom, she connected with our audience and her energy was infectious. Our attendees left with realistic ways to handle stress and were uplifted by her message.
Arizona Housing Association
Ashlea is an eminent and dynamic speaker. She captives the audience with her knowledge on mental health. When she spoke at the WV-NAACP Juneteenth Celebration she made the attendees feel comfortable with seeking counseling and therapy. She unpacked the stigmas surrounding mental health, as well as illuminated people about generational trauma, cultural trauma, societal trauma and historical trauma. She was uplifting and inspiring. Ashlea is definitely someone who should be considered as a speaking ambassador for mental health.
Gizette Knight
West Valley NAACP Chair
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