Ashlea_in_Favor, the Relationship Restorer Services

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Keynote Speaking Engagements

Relationships in Ministry
Relationship in Workplaces
Relationship with Self
Relationship with Cultural Competency & Understanding

Trainings and Workshops

Team Builders
Cultural Competency
Creating and Maintaining Boundaries
Compassion Fatigue
Black History Month
Women in the Workplace
Women in Mental Health
Mental and Physical Health Cost Implications
Pre-Martial Workshops
Women’s Day Events
Workplace, Racism and Oppression
DEI- Diversity. Equity. Inclusion
Implications of Bias in Mental Health
Family Dynamics
Life Transitions

Restoration Retreat Cultivator

The Mental Health Architect:
I create spaces for mental health healing and restoration which are called Restoration Retreats.

The Restoration Host:
As the host with most! I guide folks on a journey of hope, faith, and healing while cultivating an atmosphere of breakthrough rejuvenation, self-realization, self-forgiveness, grace, and restoration.


Using the topics mentioned in trainings, I help folks transition past their emotional feeling of stuck or confused and towards development and strength they desire. Together we create tools for reflection and a plan for continued steps forward.

Executive Coaching

Working with leaders, executives, and teams to overcome obstacles preventing success, cohesion, or progression through developing skills aiding in listening, collaboration, reflection, and mental strength training.

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